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Financial Domination Mistresses. Maybe the most most emasculating mistresses. Call them Mistress and say May I and open your wallet for your reward. Dominant women with a cash fetish aren’t for the cheap. From a harsh and demanding mistress who requires endless monetary testaments to financial slavery. To vain, bubble head, bubble ass 19 year olds who prattle and tease in a relentless quest for gifts, for rent, for insurance payment, for pretty things.The best mistresses are able to control sissy boys and sluts online and off. You will find yourself thinking about Mistress at all times.  Trying to anticipate Mistress’ next whim. Mistress becomes a bit of an obsession. Mistress becomes an itch that can’t quite be scratched. Mistresses with a lot of experience in the domination trade. A lot of slobbering from helpless and spent money slaves.

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findom mistressWant to get taken to the cleaners by a 21 year old findominatrix? She’ll laugh at you while draining your wallet. Princess Tania is a mean boss bitch with a hot body. Actually she’s more than cute. She’s sex personified. Everything about her. She may seem vain (she is) or vapid (she isn’t). But it isn’t that she lacks personality. It’s just that her entire focus is cash. Her eyes are practically dollar signs. Her snatch spits coins when she fingers it (not really).  Want to pay her rent? She needs her insurance paid this month. She needs something new and pretty. She always needs something new and pretty. Her incredible, nubile body is there for you to adore. She’s totally vapid and into herself. She’ll pay you attention as long as the funds hold up. She’ll strip and pump her hot pussy while she rings the register. She’s like a ice cream cone. You’ll want to lick her all over. She will get naked for you and make herself cum while she uses you for her personal ATM.  She’ll have you move into a one bedroom apartment in the ghetto if that’s what it takes. But you will be proud to be her sugar daddy, her slut and her bitch.

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findom dominatrixLovely, intelligent findom domination mistress Odallis is one of my favorites. We have a contract and I, her pay pig, am indebted to her for the period of 5 years. Her weakness is weak men and she’s into all types of female domination. Her games are normally sexual. She makes me perform public masturbation tasks. Such as jerking off in my car at the mall. She’s 28 and a beautiful financial dominatrix mistress. Her body is incredible. Get used to the fact that you will only see it poured into skin-tight leather. Mistress doesn’t strip on her cam. She will however expect that of you. Among other, sigh, tragic demands. She’s lovely redhaired and intoxicatingly beautiful and a pleasure to worship. Don’t plan on bottoming from the top with her. Her primary form of control is finanacial domination. Mistress is actively accepting applications for money pigs. Otherwise her methods include CTB and chastity training, strap-on training and orgasm control. But regardless you will need to come with a heavy wallet for this financial mistress, because she does not do charity work. You will find her a exemplary cuckholdress and findom domina.


tranny financial dominationBig dick tranny financial mistress Ms Majestic has a cash fixation and takes supplication in the form of cash and gifts on her webcam. If you hadn’t of told me that this he-she was a tranny then I wouldn’t have known. She’s a feminine shemale with a big penis. Pretty face and long legs, very nice body. She practices multiple form of femdom domination on her cam. Look for sissy slut training and orgasm denial. Verbal domination and humiliation are her speciality. Razor sharp wit. Very good at pinpointing weakness and going right to the weak spot. She is very effective in sensing the bruised spot in the male ego. She has a huge desire for cash gifts and is actively seeking money slaves and cash pigs. She’s rated 5 out of 5 stars by 112 members.



japanese teen findom Japanese Teen financial domina SexSlut20 is a total spoiled brat. Completly vain and narcissistic. She’s 19 years old and has the cutest little bubble butt worthy of your worship. She made me cut out unnecessary expenses to better pay her toll. She loves to be pampered and spoiled. She’s really a brat, totally vain and shallow. So beautiful she’ll make your heart skip a beat, and she knows it. Her body is incredible. She’s the queen of the tease. She’s tightly fit into leather with taut boobs straining to be released. There’s nothing you could do to convince this mistress that you don’t deserve every penny you give to her. She does financial domination and small penis humiliation. Strap on training and orgasm denial. Mistress is reserved and aloof. But when she deigns to give you a little bit of attention she expects to be paid for it. In cash. Mistress does not do nudity but you might be expected to. One of the most arrogant, meanest women I’ve ever met. But totally delicious and makes you willingly subvert your interests to hers.


dom mistressBlonde Fin Dom Mistress MissGorgeous is a beautiful, smart and creative financial mistress. She made me buy a chastity device and mail her the key. She has complete and utter control over me for the length of our contract. Lovely bone structure. Her face is immaculate and her body is incredible. She’s stunning, sophisticated. Mistress controls with looks and arched eyes rather than shouts and commands. She will treat you like a well-loved pet. You will willingly donate to mistress bank account because mistress needs to keep herself richly appointed. I find myself trying very hard to get her attention, which is not as hard as keeping it. Mistress has had a lifetime of male adoration and it seems to mostly bemuse her. But your attention means nothing to this Dom Mistress without the money to back it up. She’s a natural dom and gets excited at the surrender and humiliation of her male slaves. Mistress actually has a bit of a dirty streak and will have you begging and on your knees for the privilege of serving her.

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